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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Stephen Colbert: the mouth that roared

What the mainstream media didn't 'get' was that Colbert wasn't talking to them. He was talking to US, the normal people, who don't drink the Kool-aid. That's why they failed to get his jokes and turned all whiny and indignant. THEY were left out of the in-crowd for once in the last six years, and they had nowhere to run and nothing to do but squirm in their cushy banquet seats, and watch their mortified boy-king get punched again and again in the 'nads. Of course the Kool-aid drinkers didn't get Colbert's humor! It was never intended for their amusement. It was intended for OUR amusement at their expense, with no equivocation, no back-pedaling, and no apology whatsoever. Like a litmus test for normalcy, the humor registered with only the enlightened and those who have not sold their souls to the Bushies. So the MSM got their panties in a bunch. Oh well. -hl