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Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Democratic Base Speaks, and Washington Democrats Better Listen

Dear Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee:

I have dedicated myself to the local Democratic party for the last 15 years. Every election, I phone bank, raise and contribute money, work in the local hq and register voters. Please understand that I AM THE DEMOCRATIC BASE. The party has more voters, more cash, and more success because of my efforts, and the same can be said for the generosity of so many committed volunteers and contributors. The Democratic party cannot be successful without people like me. However, in the upcoming election, I am hesitant to commit to working for the party again, as much as I want to see checks and balances in Washington.

Unfortunately, for the life of me, I cannot stomach the direction, or lack of, that the Democrats in the Senate have shown when it comes to matters of extreme importance and core principles of the party. I'm talking about Supreme Court confirmations that every Democrat should have filibustered but didn't, the Patriot Act and the bankruptcy bill that every Democrat should have rejected but didn't, Paul Hackett being run out of the Ohio senate race by Democrats like Senator Schumer, and the party's tolerance of backstabbing, fake Democrats like Joe Lieberman.

I have no intention of giving another minute or another dime to a party that supports that kind of BS. I am looking for a reason — any reason — to put myself out again to give the Democrats a shot at success in the '06 election. Is there one? Will you tell it to me? Or would my hard work only help return to Washington the kind of Democrats who stand for the wrong things and give up on the right things? Why on earth should I do that?

I will remind you that Republicans never EVER turn their back on their base. When there was an uproar about the SCOTUS nomination of Harriet Miers, Republicans in Washington dropped her like a rock. When Republicans in the electorate revolted against the Dubai Ports World deal, Washington Republicans pulled the plug on it. I hate to admit there are tactics Republicans employ that Democrats should emulate. But I advise you to think carefully before you defy your base and understand that, if the base doesn't show up to register voters, give money, volunteer and vote for Democrats, you will lose what little power you have left in Washington.

If the base has no enthusiasm for the leaders of this party, how in the world can you expect that to translate into votes from independent voters and moderate Republicans?

True, you can write us off and keep leaning right, comfortably certain the Democratic base will never vote Republican. Then again, there's no guarantee we will show up to vote at all. That's an option we always have, even when you think you've got us in a corner and we have no other choice.

Fight for us and we will fight for you. Or fight against us and we will stay home and we won't leverage our efforts and our enthusiasm to deliver additional votes and contributions for Democrats. The ball is in your court, now what are you going to do?

- Happy Leftie