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Friday, April 28, 2006

Being attacked by Droopy is a badge of honor

Forgive me if I am a bit excited - but I received a big badge of honor today. Yes, tonight I was attacked by name in prime time by Fox News. That's right, Brit Hume - the guy who could play Droopy the Disney dog - went after me for my earlier post today about his pal Tony Snow (You can read the transcript here or see the video here).

Hume's piece begins by citing Beltway Democrats rushing to heap praise on Snow, the fringe-right-wing commentator-turned-government spokesman. Then, in his vintage Thurston Howell the Third tone, he turns his guns on me for merely noting the state-run media quality of the whole affair, whereby a supposedly "objective" journalist happily takes the job of the very administration he was supposed to be covering.

What's funniest about this is the fact that instead of seeing Snow's move as an indictment on Fox's purported objectivity, Hume and his network are haughtily bragging about the whole thing, seemingly unaware - or unconcerned - about what it reveals. Also humorous is that in a course of about 15 seconds, Hume manages to commit two of the most basic journalistic errors: he mispronounces my name and makes a factual error by saying I posted anything on the Center for American Progress's website (I left CAP a year ago to write my book).

Then again, we shouldn't be surprised by any of this. Hume has long ago proven he is undeterred by facts and uninterested in actual journalism. He is the type of elitist who looks like he feels underdressed wearing a tie – he looks like he'd feel more comfortable wearing an ascot, smoking a pipe, sipping chardonnay and complaining about having to pay capital gains taxes on his yacht on Maryland's Eastern Shore. He clearly feels threatened that one of his fellow D.C. cocktail party friends was actually ridiculed on the facts. Being attacked by someone like Hume and by a network like Fox, in other words, is one of the biggest badges of honor I've ever had the pleasure of receiving. That I got such an attack before my book even hit bookstores is even more thrilling - because it means there's more to come.