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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Supremes appear skeptical over WH claims on detainee's rights

Yes, it would be nice to have common sense in ONE branch of governent! -hl

American Progress Action Fund

Yesterday, the Supreme Court heard arguments on the Bush administration's plan to try Osama bin Laden's former driver in a military commission, a scheme devised through passage of the Detainee Treatment Act. The justices "appeared ready to reject the administration's argument" that the Act stripped the Court of jurisdiction over the current case. What appeared to trouble some of the justices was the administration's argument that it could suspend detainee's rights to have their appeals heard by federal courts.

Justice David Souter suggested that this amounted to "suspending" the writ of hebeas corpus, an action which can only be taken by Congress and which is limited by the Constitution to "cases of rebellion or invasion." The court's "defense of its turf does not bode well for the Bush administration's broader arguments in defense of the military commissions, but it remained unclear how the justices might ultimately rule on the merits of the case."

Justice Antonin Scalia, whose recent comments concerning the case prompted questions about a possible recusal, "scoffed at his colleagues' concern for the rights of more than 400 prisoners" and appeared most amendable to the government's position.