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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Republicans Have No Clue, Lots of Enemies

What do top Republicans believe will get their supporters to the polls this year?

More tax cuts for the rich? More drilling in environmentally sensitive areas? Less help for the poor?

Trick question.

Since Republicans in Washington aren’t really into passing legislation anymore (when was the last time they passed something?), there’s no issue for their supporters to get excited about.

So what do Republicans have left? From the NY Times:

"Impeachment, coming your way if there are changes in who controls the House eight months from now," Paul Weyrich, a veteran conservative organizer, declared last month in an e-mail newsletter.

The threat of impeachment, Mr. Weyrich suggested, was one of the only factors that could inspire the Republican Party's demoralized base to go to the polls.

With "impeachment on the horizon," he wrote, "maybe, just maybe, conservatives would not stay at home after all."

Weyrich must think his fellow Republicans are truly moronic.

Feingold can’t get five Dems to back mere censure, and Republican voters are supposed to believe impeachment is suddenly on the horizon?

And of the course, this is particularly rich coming from the gang that impeached Bill Clinton and orchestrated the recall of California Governor Gray Davis.

But when your agenda is stalled, your biggest project is literally blowing up in your face, your polls are in the gutter, you have no interest in changing course, and no fresh ideas, what do you do?

Do what you do best. Concoct an enemy and sell fear.

Though apparently, they’re not even good at that anymore.

Or at least, they’re saving all their creative energy for Iran.