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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Major Paper Says What We've Been Saying Since 2000: SAFEGUARD THE DAMN BALLOT!

It's a no brainer.


After first denying that there is a problem, Florida election officials have now ordered more security measures for voting machines in all 67 counties. File this one under the heading: ``Better late than never.''

Florida's top election officials could have gotten a head-start on closing security gaps in election machinery had they reacted more quickly to voters' concerns after recent elections regarding possible inaccuracies or tampering with voting equipment.

They dismissed voters' worries that optical-scan machines could be broken into by hackers and concerns about the lack of a paper trail for touch-screen equipment.

Even after a watchdog group successfully hacked into optical-scan equipment in a test authorized by Leon County Elections Supervisor Ion Sancho last November, state officials downplayed the results. Now similar experiments by computer hackers in California, also on Diebold equipment, have confirmed that the machines can be broken into. This apparently was the proof state officials needed to order counter-measures across the state.

We hope that Florida Division of Elections Chief Dawn Roberts understands that this issue is really about building and sustaining voter confidence in elections. Making sure that voting equipment is secure and accurate is merely a means to support that goal.

Prior to Mr. Sancho's experiment, both the manufacturer and state elections officials had certified that the Diebold equipment used in Leon County was secure.

Some version of the equipment also is used in 29 other counties, but not in Miami-Dade and Broward counties, which use ES&S voting machines. Many election officials, including in Broward and Miami-Dade counties, already were taking extra measures to boost security. With the state now on board, Florida voters can have more confidence that their votes will be counted.