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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Altogether Now: Bush Can Be Stopped

Gerald Rellick
Tom Paine's Corner

The truth is that George Bush has no leadership skills whatsoever. He is completely incurious and has made it clear to his staff that he doesn't care to be bothered with details of governance. But worse -- much worse -- like his comrade in vileness, Dick Cheney, Bush's only concern is power and some vague idea of a neoconservative revolution in America with the Republican Party at the helm for decades to come.

This great country can no longer stand a total hack for president. Americans can still wrest some semblance of democratic government and accountability by making the 2006 elections a referendum on George W. Bush and the cowardly Republican Congress that has acquiesced to his every misguided goal. Republicans up for reelection are already distancing themselves from Bush with his 34% approval rating. They want the elections to be "local." Forget local. These are not ordinary times. The country is in crisis mode. If you really believe in America's greatness you will use the sole power available to you as citizens in a democratic society, the power of the vote. May the Force be with us.